Safe Offshore Sailing


Post this form by each permanently installed radio equipped with DSC

Fill in Items 5, 6, 11 and 13 prior to getting underway. 

1. Make certain your radio and GPS are turned on and the radio is on High Power.

2. Send DSC Distress Call – press Red Distress Button for 5 seconds. Wait for a DSC Distress Acknowledgement then shift to VHF Ch 16 or SSB 2182 kHz (USB) for voice instructions.

3. If no DSC Acknowledgement is received Select VHF Ch 16 or SSB 2182 kHz (USB)

4. Press microphone button and say: “MAYDAY - MAYDAY - MAYDAY”

5. Say: “This is (Your boat name, MMSI or Call Sign)”

6. Repeat once: “MAYDAY (Your boat name)”

7. Tell where you are:

     a. Latitude and longitude _______________________________________

     b. Navigation Aids or Landmarks nearby _____________________________

     c. Direction and distance to a Landmark _____________________________

8. State the nature of your distress and the kind of assistance required: ___________________________________________________________________________________

9. Give the number of people aboard and condition of any injured ____________

10. Estimate present seaworthiness of your boat. ________________________

11. If time allows - Briefly describe your boat:

     a. Type – (Sail or Power) _____________________

     b. Length in feet- __________________________

     c. Hull color- _______________________________

     d. Trim color- ______________________________

     e. Masts- ___________________________________

     f. Other Identifying Info- ________________________________________

12. Say: “I will be listening on Channel 16 or 2182 kHz Upper Sideband ”

13. Say: “This is (Your Boat Name, MMSI or Call Sign) OVER”

14. Release microphone button and Listen for an Answer.

15. Activate 406 MHz EPIRB by following directions on Beacon Body. Ensure EPIRB remains vertical, antenna pointing upward. Take EPIRB to Survival Craft if abandoning ship.

16. If you do not receive an answer Repeat Call beginning at Item 3.

17. If no answer again Check to see if radio is turned on and VHF is on CH 16, high power or shift SSB to 4125 kHz (USB) or higher emergency frequencies for communications with distant shore stations.